This blog is about privacy but not necessarily hospitals but I thought it might be useful information.

I recently phoned to cancel my utilities with Accenture/hydro and Terasen/Fortis. I was asked for information to validate that I was who I said I was which I think is good. However, both companies asked me for my date of birth. I was fairly sure that I had never given it. When I asked I was told that they were now collecting this information. So, a few problems:

1. Collecting new information is not the same as validating information. In fact, I would think that it would be illegal to collect information in, what seems to me to be, a very devious manner.

2. I asked why they wanted this information and they refused to say. Under the Privacy Act, when you collect information you are required to state why you need it. But then the politicians and their friends do tend to ignore the Privacy Act except when it comes to spin.

3. The information they had on me was obviously good enough all these years.

Everyone wants your date of birth these days. Presumably this has to do with linking computer information. Is this information being shared? I thought the information held on you was suppose to be private so why do they want it?



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