As past readers of my blog will notice I have a new website location. Interesting things were happening with Google, which hosted my last website.  They let me know that they knew exactly where I was located and even what computer I was using.  At one time I happened to use a different computer to access my blog which requires me to enter my email address and password.  Because I was using a different computer, Google wanted all sorts of information to prove that I was person to whom the blog belonged, including my phone number, which I had never given them.  I decided to wait until I was back at my regular computer.  I had never had this issue before when using a different computer.

I was posting my May 6, 2017 post when it quit posting, leaving some of my sources unposted.  I contacted Google and asked why I coudn’t post and they said to ‘ask their lawyers’, which I don’t consider a real answer.  To my knowledge I had done nothing illegal and I have never received any notification that I had done anything illegal; my blog is still online and nothing was removed, I was just not allowed to post anymore.  Curious.

I also found it interesting how fast they acted. I was in the process of posting and they shut me down.  Were their lawyers watching my every move?  Is being shut down by Google a badge of honour?

But this may have been a pre-emptive strike by Google because they have been concerned that I would write about them and their ‘research’ arm. I will be in a future post.

It has taken me some time but I believe that I have found a website to host my blog that supports people who raise awareness and speak the truth. It is a European website, not a U.S. Website (one more thing off my ‘do not support the U.S.’ list).  The Europeans are far ahead of us, and certainly the United States, on protecting citizens privacy.


With regard to the medical system collecting information unethically and immorally, if not illegally, I suggest:

MAKE THIS AN ELECTION ISSUE – Tell the politicians that you won’t vote for them unless they give you back your rights, unless they tell you with whom they share your information  and under what circumstances, unless they ask your consent to share your information.