When I am in front of St. Paul’s I get some comments that run in themes. It’s as if some people get together and decide to make very similar comments all within a few days. The latest theme is “You can’t complain because it’s free”. The following are some of the “passer-by” comments and my comments are in brackets.

It’s free (no, the citizens pay for it)
They pay for it (assume she meant the politicians and no, we pay for it), but it comes from out taxes (which we pay)
They need it to pay for health-care (That would imply that they are selling our information which, I understand, is illegal)
Isn’t it great that in Canada you can complain about something that’s free (it isn’t free).

If one takes that line of thinking that it’s free then we can’t complain if the roads are not repaired because their “free”; we cannot complain if the fire department does not go to fires because their “free”; we cannot complain if water doesn’t flow through pipes and through our taps because it’s “free”, and so on.

Then again maybe I’m wrong, maybe our health-care is free. Maybe we don’t pay a dime towards our health-care. In which case, would someone please explain why we pay taxes? Where does the money go? Who does pay for our health-care? Do the medical people work for free?

Then again, maybe I’m right and this is the best excuse “they” can come up with for illegally sharing our information and destroying our rights.
Here’s another comment that was quite bizarre (well, more bizarre than usual). A woman told me she worked in the pharmacy area of the hospital, that she had noticed changes over the last two years and wasn’t that enough for my purposes. I asked her what changes had occurred and could she prove it. She refused to answer either question. It’s like being given a blank piece of paper and having someone tell you there is writing on the paper so isn’t that good enough. Presumably, she operates on the premise that she said it therefore it is. Isn’t that a god complex?​

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