According to a Vancouver Sun article, by Chad Skelton, September 17, 2008 “BC nurses are being allowed to quietly leave their jobs, even under the cloud of accusations of drug misappropriation, abuse and rank incompetence.”  They have not been formally disciplined , prosecuted or fined and may apply to return to nursing.  No details of their misconduct were made public.  This is another example of the shroud of secrecy the medical system has around its actions.  Also, if hospital staff are not being disciplined for these offences, how likely are they to be disciplined for violating a person’s privacy??

However….An article in the Globe and Mail, by Catherine O’Neill, October 17, 2008, states that Alberta is putting the “often sensitive and private” personal health information online.  I read that Ontario is doing the same but on a limited, trial basis.  So, hospitals certainly don’t mind putting your information online.  How safe do you think that is???  How long before it’s in BC???


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