A man, who said that he worked for the computer section of a hospital authority, stated that pharmacies have access to our medical records. He said that you could put a password on your record at the pharmacy so no one in the pharmacies could access your records without this password.  I had heard something very similar last year from a person who I understood to be a pharmacist.  He said it was the way of the future and implied that we had no say in it.

I visited a couple of pharmacies and they denied having access to our medical records.  The people at the pharmacies said that they only have access to the information provided by a person to that individual pharmacy.  I will continue to monitor the situation and find out if it changes.–>

One of things I have noticed, when giving handouts, is the range of people interested in the privacy problem.  The people are not only from all over BC but from other provinces and countries.  People from other provinces expressed an interest in learning if their province had similar problems.

The European’s discuss how the different countries protect people’s privacy.  Some European countries appear to have really good rules for protecting patients privacy.  Many Europeans expressed disappointment that we would be having these privacy problems as they had heard that our medical system was good.

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