I would normally be starting to hand out information in front of St. Paul’s at this time. But I can’t because the politicians have decided that anyone, who spends even $1, actually I believe that is even a penny (there are still some in use) can be fined if they do so without registering with them. The politicians want to know who we are, who we support and that goes into their computer system (and is shared with everyone). The BCCLA (B.C. Civil Liberties Association) has taken the issue to court, but that will probably take years. So, the politicians get to shut up a lot of people so it will be mostly the voices of the politicians that are heard (brain-washing as I see it).  

People like me, on the front lines, regularly threatened for exercising our democratic rights, aren’t going to give out our name and contact information. But I can write on the blog as this doesn’t cost anything and because I am an individual.

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