This is a very, very serious problem that I have been reading about for some time, from different sources. Mary Ellen Turpond-Lafond, one of the rare people working in government who actually work for the people, has been fighting to protect the children. She is the B.C.’s representative for children and youth. The children in the care of the “government” (the politicians), in a democracy it would be considered “our care”, are dying or being injured in truly disturbing numbers. She has been battling the politicians. The politicians either don’t care, or are incompetent, about protecting these children. But the politicians want us to vote for them so they can continue to let these children be harmed or die. THESE ARE CHILDREN. But I guess spending time at photo-ops, or trying to cover up their latest scandal or spending money on advertisements is more important. And I don’t think one party is any better than another.

I wonder how long Mary Ellen Turpond-Lafond will remain employed by the politicians (see next blog).


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