There was an article in The Province (not a paper I buy) on Aug. 12, 2012. The article was by Geoff Plant, chairman of Providence Health Care, which operates St. Paul’s and other hospitals/clinics. I don’t know if this article was paid for by the taxpayers, but that’s another issue. 

In the article G. Plant extols the virtues of St. Paul’s (a very one-sided view) but what interested me was the statement that St. Paul’s brings in research dollars of $43 million from outside sources annually. So, what are the research companies buying — us?

Is St. Paul’s selling us?? We, of course, are not allowed to know.

Geoff Plant is a former liberal attorney general and teaches at UBC (the university is involved in research with St. Paul’s). Interesting how it’s all connected by the same people.

But, it keeps coming back to the same issue. If everything is above-board, honest, ethical, moral, then why won’t they tell us who they are sharing our information with (names of companies/individuals and under what circumstances); why do they hide this information?

No transparency, no accountability. 


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