In an earlier blog (November 11, 2009) I wrote that the government had decided to review the Privacy Act for the 3rd time since its inception, and that the committee was composed entirely of politicians and that I didn’t have high hopes for a positive outcome.

Well, it is worse than even I expected. It appears that the real purpose for the review was to have the Privacy Act changed to allow the government to legally centralize control of all the personal information obtained from citizens who receive government services. This information would come from all sources contracted to provide government services, including independent community service organizations. The ICM (Integrated Case Management) system would be shared across provincial ministries (and god knows who else) since I’m sure they won’t tell us who has access. ALL WITHOUT OUR CONSENT.
And the government wants to store the database outside of Canada. I’m sure that would be in the United States, where the Patriot Act would give the US access to all our personal information. That, of course, assumes that they don’t already have it. To add insult to injury the “government” hired a foreign company to handle all our personal information. What’s wrong with Canadian companies, Canadian people. The government always talks about promoting Canadian companies, Canadian jobs, then hires foreign companies.
Currently the government is only allowed to store our information outside Canada for short periods of time. Why does our information have to go outside Canada at all? As you will see in future blogs, the government is prepared to spend huge sums of our money in collecting our information, why don’t they invest in protecting it – inside Canada. Then again, Nancy Napolitano of U.S. Homeland Security did say she wanted more information on Canadians. Maybe this is how it happens.

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